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This workshop explains the magnetism of rocks and the basics of geomagnetism.


Educational content: magnetism, magnets, magnetic minerals in the rocks, geomatism and its applications, geophysical prospection using magnetism and its application.

We have posters (in French):

  • Magnetism and magnets: what is a magnetic field?
  • Magnetic prospection: How magnetism can help understand the ground?
  • Geomagnetism: what is the Earth magnetic field?

Several models for demonstration, roughly divided into 6 sections to conduct the presentation:

  • Magnetic fishing
  • The two poles of a magnet
  • The field lines
  • Magnetic prospection: the great model
  • Magnetism in the rocks
  • Geomagnetism: the Earth’s magnet

The workshop "teacher’s guide" is available (in French) on demand before or after the presentation.

Some photos taken during the Mineral & Gem exhibition in june 2016:

Grand public : présentation de la prospection magnétique au travers d’une maquette
Grand public : des ateliers adaptables à tous publics !
Introduction au géomagnétisme
Pêche à la ligne magnétique. Classe de CM1.
Crédits photo : Marie-Eva Epin

19 July 2016